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The Figures of Beauty

From the author of the Giller Prize-nominated Summer Gone comes a sensuous, heartbreaking novel about art, beauty, and the choices we make that define us for life.
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The Danger Tree

Reissued by HarperCollins in April, 2014, in commemoration of the centenary of the First World War.
An altogether remarkable, frequently funny, genuinely moving, and utterly original book.
- Jan Morris
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The Toronto Project

The digital revolution is upon us. And the possibilities that it raises - in communication and in education - are astonishing. Those of us who have long-believed that Toronto must have a place to tell its many stories have found the right medium for the message.
- David Crombie, Chair, The Toronto Project
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When you get right down to the nuts and bolts of the question—Why, exactly, did a reasonable kind of place like Toronto elect its current mayor?—you have to conclude that it doesn't matter anymore. Why we did it is the least of our problems.
- David Macfarlane on Rob Ford in The New Yorker
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