Toronto Suite

Created and Produced by David Macfarlane

Like the city that inspires it, Toronto Suite is a collaboration. Its creator and producer, David Macfarlane, has written often about the city in which he lives - in newspapers, magazines, and books. In this instance, however, he has turned to a different medium - exploring ideas of narrative and history with artists who do not deal primarily in words. "I'm not sure that written-language is the most natural way to represent something as multi-layered and dynamic as a city," says Macfarlane. "I thought it would be interesting to ask musicians to help paint a portrait of Toronto."

Created in association with the Via Salzburg Chamber Ensemble (artistic director: Mayumi Seiler), Toronto Suite is a unique combination of musical voices and electronic soundscape. It blends classical with improvisational, traditional with contemporary, sacred music with popular to give musical expression to a city Macfarlane calls "inherently cross-genre."

Performed at the Glenn Gould Theatre in Toronto, October 15th and 16th, 2009. Dedicated to the memory of Gavin Relly.

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A play by David Macfarlane

Sorrows come not as single spies, but in battalions. What if nothing is left in their wake but newspaper clippings?

"What a terrific evening! Many laughs, many insights, delicious commentary on the world as we live in it."
Robert Fulford

Tarragon Theatre, 2005
Starring John Jarvis
Directed by Andy McKim

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Production photographs: Cylla von Tiedemann

There. You see.
That's the ticket.

Because the freelancer is a trouble shooter, really.
An adventurer.

Cost cutting measures?


An opera by Peter Skoggard
Libretto by David Macfarlane

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(Left to right: Christopher Burton, piano, and Bridget Hogan, soprano; David Macfarlane, librettist; Peter Skoggard, composer.)


A one-act play in celebration of Harold Pinter by David Macfarlane

Toronto Harbourfront Centre, 2001
Directed by Jeannette Lambermont

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A tribute to Bernardo Bertolucci by David Macfarlane

Toronto Harbourfront Centre, 2001
Narration: Albert Schultz
Music: Phil Dwyer, Gato Barbieri

Hear Phil Dwyer's "Bernardo's Tango" on the Roberto Occhipinti CD "Yemaya" >

See Gato Barbieri perform "Last Tango in Paris" on YouTube >

The Prank

A monologue by David Macfarlane

Tarragon Theatre Spring Arts Fair, Toronto, 2003
Directed by Andy McKim
Starring Joe Ziegler

Four Nights With Mordecai

A play by David Macfarlane

McGill Faculty Club, March 2004
Symphony Space, New York City, June 2005
Directed by David Rotenberg
Music: Phil Dwyer
Starring Gil Bellows

Three Chord Johnny

See the band on YouTube >

Read "Hail, Hail Rock and Roll", David's GQ article on Three Chord Johnny, in the Articles section >

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Three Chord Johnny performs at the launch for Janice Lindsay's book "All About Colour." Right-hand image: Kevin Breit sits in.